DIY Pinwheels

Depending on the size pinwheels you want, cut perfect squares out of decorative paper. NOTE: both sides will show, so use a paper that is decorative on both sides, solid, or at least solid white on the back. I made 3 sizes shown above in the pictures:
  • X-Large Pinwheels: 8 x 8 inches
  • Large Pinwheels: 7x7 "
  • Medium Pinwheels: 5 x 5 "
  • Small Pinwheels: 4 x 4 "
First cut out your perfect square, then cut in a line from each one of the corners to the center of the square, stopping about an inch or two from the center. A paper cutter works great for this and made it go really quickly.
Next, put a dime size hot glue in the very center of the square and pull in one side of each corner (practice before your put the glue down.)
Hold it there with your finger for a minute until it dries.

Add a button or brad to give it a finished look. With a glue gun, attach a straw, skewer, or dowel to the back of the pinwheel. We were actually able to attach our straws to the inside of one of the loops of the pinwheels so that the back of them looked more finished.
If you use straws, you can stick one inside the other to give it more length and you can also cut them to different heights very easily so that you can display them at your liking!

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